INFO: Planning & Preparation Tools for a South American Motorcycle Adventure

General Biking Information: (The HUBB biker forum, with a wealth of information) (Another major biker forum) (Chilean biker forum) (Another Chilean biker forum) (Forum for all South America)

Route Planning and Road Conditions: (Excellent route map calculator for South America including road conditions. Doesn’t cover all roads.) (Google route planner. Surely not news to you.) (The University of Austin Texas has published some old but useful maps) (Bolivia roads information)

Cost Budgeting Tools: (World prices for fuel, food, alcohol and more)
2fortheroad Motorbike Trip Cost Planning Tool (I created an Excel cost planner for my trip and am user-friendly-ing this up so others may use it if they like. Uploading soon!)

Weather Conditions: (Chile meteorological website) (Detailed weather conditions including wind, precipitation etc)
2fortheroad Climate Chart (will be included in the Motorbike Trip Cost Planning Tool)

Border Passes: (Chile’s official border management page) (Argentina police border info page) (Independent info on various Chilean land borders)

Buying Spares and Kit: (Major parts & accessories seller, most mechanics seem to buy from them so inquire/buy from them first hand)

Finding Motorcycle Mechanics: (Chilean mechanic ratings, good & bad)

Traveller Safety: (UK World Travel Health Advice Site) (UK Foreign Office Travel Advice) (Worldnomads Travel Safetly Information)

Driving on the Santiago Autopistas (NOT FREE) Info Links:
Autopista Central:
Costanera Norte:
Vespucio Sur:
Vespucio Norte: