Villa Union, Argentina


Route San Agustin de Valle Fertil, Argentina – Villa Union, Argentina (RN76)
Distance 177Km
Travel Time 2 hours
Road Conditions Good Tarmac
Weather Warm, Sunny
Terrain Flat, Dry but plenty of green, Mountains on Horizon, Long straights
Food and Petrol Villa Union
Accommodation Los Alamos Cabana, Villa Union


We manage Villa Union without any problems.

The trip to Villa Union is about 177Km and fairly monotone, but there’s some impressive mountains on the horizon.


It turns out the place is even smaller than San Agustin and there is hardly anything out here.


We find a super cheap cabana, Los Alamos, for  30Pesos/pp a night, on the main road into town. It’s no luxury but it’s got plenty of space and running water. The owner points us the way to a bike mechanic and we head there, but we don’t find a work shop at the given location. We ask a young chap nearby and he leads us to somebody’s house.


The mechanic, a really friendly chap by the name of Angel. He goes tests the battery which seems fine. The little coil thingy which I tried to repair in the morning seems to be the issue, because when we bypass it and send current directly to the starter it works. At least we have a diagnosis. The problem is that we cannot get that part here as they only drive small bikes out here. Angel says I will have to go to a capital city like La Rioja or Salta. I tell him we were planning to go via Chilecito, across the mountain pass, and he tells me I might have luck there as it’s four times bigger than Villa Union. We’ll try that then.


Angel doesn’t accept a single peso as payment and wishes us a good journey. What a saint. Earned his name I would say.