INFO: VISA RUN Thailand – Malaysia

Nothing to it! To avoid the hassle of arranging transport ourselves and changing at various waypoints, we paid the extra (total 1200THB/pp return) for a travel agent in Koh Lanta (Otto’s was pretty professional) to arrange a direct minibus for the exercise.

Literally, we got picked up at the  guest house at 7AM, drove for about 5 hours to the Thai-Malay border and did the exit and re-entry there.

No fees were involved. We had our departure card in our passports from when we arrived, got our exit stamp. Then we walked over to the Malaysia border post, filled out an arrival/departure card, got our entry visa and stamp, did a U-turn to the other side of the building, got the exit stamp and walked back to the Thai side. On the Thai side we prepared another Thai arrival/departure card, got the entry stamp and walked back to the bus to return to Koh Lanta.

Driving aside, the whole procedure took about an hour and a half, but this was mostly because of waiting in a queue of about 30 people at the Malay entry point.

Happy visa running!