Blessing in Disguise

We planned to go to the southwestern island of Palawan to laze on secluded beaches and do a scuba diving course. After alighting the aircraft in Roxas airport and picking up our rucksacks by the baggage conveyor aside melodious song from a small choir (a box-drummer, a guitarrist and a handfull young of Philippino ladies), we exited the terminal to find that this was in fact Roxas on Panay Island, NOT the Roxas displayed on our Palawan map.

Several hours of frustrating phone calls with Cebu Pacific’s customer service office later – to no avail – we decided to head straight to the small island of Boracay off the north coast of Panay: two bus trips, a ferry ride and a night in a cheap room later (not in that order), we quickly settled into a nice little guest house about 10 metres from the beach. (LM Residence is a lovely little family run guest house. Nice room, laundry, value for money, great location!)

Boracay island. We landed here by mistake… about 6 hours later, hypnotized by large egg yolk setting over the indigo horizon of clear water, I’m wondering whether there’s any good enough reason to ever leave here. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but the technicalities, for those who are interested, are:

wake up
eat on terrace or at beach-side establishment
drink coffee
swim and snorkel as many hours it takes to chill or tire the body
sleep on beach
swim / snorkel until beer o’clock
have drinks, watch sunset, dinner, more drinks
(to take a slight break from the routine we are enrolled in a scuba course to get a PADI certificate)

Love ya and leave ya for now. X